Our overall verdict "Perfect"

Admit it. Everyone has a little firebug in them, and if you’re a guy, you have probably experienced a plastic burn at least once from taking a lighter to some random plastic object. Little Inferno is every firebugs wet dream, and there’s even a fun little storyline to boot. Last week the game finally arrived for Android, and today we’re going to give you the lowdown on why it’s so damned good…
little inferno
Little Inferno is a simple game that puts you in a room with a Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace, an amazing device from the mad minds at The Tomorrow Corporation. While you’ll spend 90% of the game alone, you will meet a few quirky characters through correspondence with Miss Nancy, The Weather Man, and the always charming Super Plumps. She’s you’re neighbor and loves to burn things as well. She also has a couple of screws loose.
little inferno android
The gameplay behind Little Inferno is about as easy as it gets. You start out with a catalog full of mail order items. You order an item, burn it, and collect coins and stamps from the ashes. The coins are used to buy more things to burn, and the stamps are used to speed things along if you get antsy. All you need to do is order something and tap on the package to unwrap it before placing it in the fireplace. Want to make some fire? Just drag your finger across the screen and enjoy.
little inferno
While the gameplay is simple, there is some substance to it as you have to string together combos to advance and buy the next catalog. It’s an addictive process that never got stale during my play through – it actually had the opposite effect as I found myself burning things for hours on end. You can also move things around once they’re ablaze and burn spiders for extra coins while you’re waiting for a package to arrive.
While you’re burning things you will receive random letters from Miss Nancy, Sugar Plumps, and the jolly old Weather Man. While I won’t spoil anything, I will say the letters are more important than they appear and while I found them annoying at first (too busy burning things) by the end of the game I was excited to get another letter. The narrative is light, but really works well in the game and ties everything together nicely.
Now for the good stuff – the catalogs. There are 7 catalogs to purchase in Little Inferno and each has a different theme. Each catalog contains 20 items giving you a total of 120 things to burn not counting letters and spiders. As for the objects, you’ll get to burn everything from corn on the cob to Easter eggs, and there are plenty of odd objects sprinkled throughout like Leper-chauns, mustaches, and atomic devices. Some items will simple sit there and burn while others will definitely surprise you.
little inferno


Little Inferno isn’t the longest game, but it’s hands down one of the best mobile games I’ve played this year from start to finish. I took around 3 ½ hours to complete the game, and I was definitely sad to see things come to an end by the time the credits rolled. That said, the replay factor is there as there are 99 combos to try and get, and you don’t have to get them all to finish the game. I still have around 40 to try and figure out.

The graphics, settings, and characters of Little Inferno are things you’ll grow to love as well, and the music suits the game to a T. Little Inferno isn’t going to be a game for everyone, but it’s a game that we highly recommend as it’s unique, simple, and it’ll burn right through your free time without burning a hole in your pocket. The Tomorrow Corporation’s Little Inferno is a steal at only $2.99, and you can pick it on Google Play.

Little Inferno