Music has always been an extremely important component to gaming. A game’s soundtrack sets the atmosphere and can help control a player’s emotions. But what happens when the player’s actions helps contribute to game’s music? Well you get Alex Smith’s Pixelsphere. Alex has combined his love for music and classic games to bring Pixelsphere to life. With a variety of inspirations such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario World, music, and nature photography, there is no doubt Pixelsphere will be a unique gaming experience.

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Hexatonia – A realm of beautiful landscapes enhabited by insect-like creatures that communicate using music. Once thought to just be a myth, this land is discovered by The Maestro using his prized invention, the HUT (Hexatonian Universal Translator). Join Axl on his adventure to find his father The Maestro, who has gone missing in this mystical land. Armed with the HUT, Axl must journey through Hexatonia, unraveling secrets and ultimately recovering his father before it is too late.

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Pixelsphere is a classic side scrolling platformer for PC with a unique twist. When you are exploring levels and collecting items you will trigger melodies and arpeggios that blend in seamlessly with the background music. Some levels require these melodies to be triggered in a certain sequence to decrypt hidden messages. Pixelsphere will feature platforming action along with puzzles, challenges, and plenty of secrets. The game will also have a world rotation feature which will be used to solve puzzles and reach new areas.


Pixelsphere’s Kickstarter campaign runs until January 5th 2014, and at the time of writing Alex Smith has already received $2302 of his $5000 goal. Backers of the project will receive a variety of rewards for their pledges, ranging from art books, soundtracks, and even their name in the credits. With a successful campaign you can expect to see Pixelsphere released near September 2014. Some stretch goals for the project are to help spruce up some of the game’s features and possibly ports to android, iOS, and the Ouya console. If you would like to find out more on Alex Smith’s Pixelsphere and show him some funding love, click on the link below.

Pixelsphere Kickstarter