Sony Online Entertainment recently announced a bunch of new titles coming to the Playstation Network, and leading the way is PopCap Games’ mega-hit Plants Vs. Zombies. It is apparent that leading publisher SOE seeks to improve every Playstation gamers’ experience on the network. “SOE has delivered more than 6.5 million downloads worldwide on the PlayStation Network, including a mix of classic and original intellectual properties, top-tier casual games, and PlayStation Network exclusives,” said Chris Sturr, executive director of business development and corporate strategy at Sony Online Entertainment. “We continually seek creative opportunities to generate new and entertaining ways to enhance a player’s gaming experience and our latest line-up proves this with all-new games that are fun and engaging.” Following PvZ will be Acceleration of Suguri X Edition, Slam Bolt Scrappers, Akimi Village, Sideway, and Rochard. So far, the only release date details have been that the games will start hitting PSN sometime in February 2011.

Plants vs Zombies for PS3 (PSN)