When people think mobile simulator games, Kairosoft is probably the first name to come to mind. Well, there’s a new kid in town, and while they have only put out one sim thus far, it’s a doozy. Prepare to have your free time sucked away by the Fiz: Brewery Management Game from Bit By Bit Studios.
fiz brewery game
The Fiz: Brewery Management Game lets you operate your very own brewery complete with pixely little employees and all the gear you need to make yourself successful. Your goal is to grow your little brewery into a world famous brand, and you’ve definitely got your work cut out for you as you’ll need to hire helpers, do market research, enter events, and explore new recipes to brew. By the numbers, Fiz: Brewery Management Game offers up over 70 recipes, 60 different events, 25 marketplaces, and around 20 hours of gameplay on the first playthrough. There’s also a “New Game+” mode with randomized content to help extend gameplay.
fiz brewery management game
If you dig simulation games, Fiz: Brewery Management Game is a blast, and it’s also a game that’s going to teach you a thing or two about brewing as I had never even heard of a Mash Tun or Carboy before picking up Fiz. The game keeps a good pace throughout, and there’s plenty of content to keep you busy as you try and build your brand. If you want to put your brewing skills to the test, you can pick up Fiz: Brewery Management Game for $1.99 on Google Play.

Fiz: Brewery Management Game