It’s pretty safe to say Star Trek is one of the most popular franchises are around and the original 1964 series has spawned countless movies, series, and video games. iOS gamers got a new Trek title a few days ago when Star Trek Trexels snuck into the App Store, and if you are a Trekkie it’s a game you’ll want to check

Star Trek Trexels lets you take control of a pixely little Starfleet admiral that sets off into deep space to search the Trexelian Expanse to find out what happened to the USS Valiant. It’s a Star Trek simulator of sorts, complete with ship building, crew managing, and red shirts galore. Star Trek Trexels is an official game which means you’re getting some official background tracks to go along with narration from the awesome George Takei. Throw in various characters from the original series along with TNG, and you’ve got yourself a slick little 8-bit Star Trek trek trexels

While I haven’t had a chance to spend much time with Star Trek Trexels it appears to be a game fans of Star Trek will definitely want to look into.  Think Star Command, but with a cool Trekkie vibe and whole lot more to do. You have to love the retro look of the game along with the narration by Sulu, and with the success of Tiny Death Star, you can expect this one to be a hit. Star Trek Trexels will set you back $2.99 and you can expect some IAP’s sprinkled throughout along with the Borg and Klingons.

Star Trek Trexels