The survival horror genre is one of the most entertaining genres in all of gaming. Unfortunately it is one that has been slowly fading away for some time, with games like the original Resident Evil’s and Silent Hill’s are no where to be seen. Well Trickster Face is planning to resurrect the survival horror genre with their latest Kickstarter project for Long Night. We caught up with the CEO if Trickster Face Lionel Geissler and asked him a few questions about Long Night.

Long Night SC 1

First of all thank you for taking the time to answer some of our questions. Tell us about the Trickster Face team and how you guys got together:

Trickster Face constitution is all about friendship and brotherhood. First of all, we’re three associates, counting Romain Jarrier (Technical director/Programmer) an old friend of mine, François Geissler (Artistic director/Game Designer), my own brother and me as CEO. We both grown up in the same town, same high school and same video game school (ENJMIN). And after some experiences in the video game industry, we discuss together about create our own place to work, making our very own video games. When my brother and I return from Montreal, we found the timing perfect and here we are now, working on Long Night. Of course it’s not about just us anymore, because we work with internships. They’re doing a pretty good job on the graphic aspect of Long Night.

Were you and your team big fans of survival horror games growing up? What were some of your inspirations for Long Night?

All members of the team are familiar with the genre, but some people like the artists, my brother and I are very big fans!

I can speak for my brother and say that we’re both educated by a father in love with horror/fantastic literature like Lovecraft, Stephen King, Anne Rice… and also movies like Nosferatu, Dracula or “it”. And of course he liked to share his interest with us. So when we discover the gender in video games, we loved it!

The first contact was with Resident Evil but we tried many games after that like the Silent Hill series, Project Zero, Haunting ground, Obscure

So to answer directly to your second question, I would say that the inspirations for Long Night came naturally from many sources, like Stephen King, Wes Craven and games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

Why did you choose to start a Kickstarter campaign for Long Night?

We decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign because we really wants to make the best Long Night we can. And if today, making games became easier, because we have great tools, the quality of the graphics (better texture, animations…), the sound (dubbing, soundtrack) are not cheap. So we thought that maybe, if we show the direction we wants to take, maybe the players will like it and help us to make something really special for them.

Long Night SC 6

Is this your first Kickstarter campaign? How has the experience been so far?

Yes it’s our first Kickstarter campaign, and so far it’s been very interesting, because we received a lot of feedback already, which is really important for us. We wants to make it right for the gamers because some of them loves survival horror and think that’s possible to feel fear with third person view and fixed camera, in a game focus on the atmosphere and the scenario, not the action.

The music for Long Night is extremely well done, I think it sets a very creepy atmosphere. How important do you think music is to a survival horror game?

Well, we all think, at Trickster Face that music in a survival horror game is just primordial. Personally I think music is more emotional than graphics because it’s something you are less focus on. In a video game, especially, you’re always trying to search with your eyes the interaction, the way to go. The music slip into your ears in a more unconscious way. That’s why we’re more nostalgic when we listen an old video game soundtrack than a simple screenshot or video.

It’s more intimate, and Fear is something very intimate, something you don’t share easily, so in Long Night, we really wants to have something special!

Can you tell us anything that you would like us to know that is not on your Kickstarter page?

That’s an interesting question, because with Kickstarter you have to synthesize your passion, make it very clear. I guess, I can say in the name of all the Trickster Face team that we are really passionate about what we’re doing right now. Long Night is not just a cold software, but a piece of our lives, of our experiences. The idea behind this project is to tell a story to each player, a horrific story they can feel close about, because it’s talking about common fears, family drama and desires that we can all experiment. And for that we wants to use the traditional mechanics of gameplay of survival horror game, because it’s the best fit to share this passion.

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Thank you for your time. If you would like to find out more about Trickster Faces’s Long Night and show them some funding love, click on the link below:

Long Night Kickstarter