We’ve covered our fair share of games set in post-apocalyptic wastelands, but we’ve never really come across a game quite like LISA the painful RPG. It’s a Kickstarter project from Dingaling games, and it’s a RPG about sacrifice, survival… and perverts.
lisa the painful rpg
Where to start with this one. LISA the painful RPG is set in a devastated world full of violence and drugs where survival and sacrifice go hand in hand. Oddly enough, there are no women left in the world, but there are plenty of strange people and a group of men that really dig hair. As for the gameplay, there’s a Kickstarter exclusive demo available right now, and while it’s short it gives you a good idea of what to expect from the bizarre side-scrolling RPG.
While the demo is limited and the Kickstarter trailer is beyond vague, there’s mention of Russian Roulette, shopping cart racing, and they put a big emphasis on choices. The developer doesn’t want there to be any “safe options” in the game, so they are really going to screw with your head by letting you sacrifice body parts to save team members along with letting you sell your body for cash. Yup, you can pimp yourself out, sell out innocent people for a few bucks, and play the part of a saint or sinner… the choice is yours.
LISA the painful RPG is full of quirky characters, old-school graphics, and it even has a killer soundtrack with new tracks being added by Jake “Virt” Kaufman. The project only has 24 hours left in its campaign, but they have managed to double their original goal of $7,000 by raising $14,900 at the time of this writing. They have also hit two stretch goals along the way – one brings the tale of “Buddy the Last Girl” to the game while the other opens up a Beach Resort for a little R&R. LISA is expected to be released in May of 2014 for PC’s, expect to hear more from us about his wild little game next year.

LISA the painful RPG on Kickstarter