Back at the end of October we told you a Payday 2 console patch was on the way, and while it took much longer than expected, the wait is finally over as patch 1.03 has finally arrived… for Ps3. Sorry Xbox 360 users.

The new Payday 2 console patch brings gamers up to 1.03, and it brings along with it a slew of changes to the game. Before you get too excited, you’ll want to check the free space on your system as the Ps3 patch comes in at a whopping 4264MB. That is said to be the reason Xbox gamers are still waiting for their patch — size restrictions.

One of the first things you’ll notice in the Payday 2 console patch is the ability to “purchase” contracts from CrimeNet which is a godsend as you no longer have to sit and wait for your favorite job (Big Oil here) to pop up. The XP has been tweaked across the board as well so you’ll get more money for doing the bigger jobs, and less for farming the 1-day heists. Bags are also worth more now, and overall the whole payout system seems to be much more balanced.

The weapon setup has also gotten a major overhaul as shown by the screenshot below. It’s all numeric now, so it’s much easier to tell how powerful your weapons are compared to other ones in your arsenal. There are too many tweaks to mention, but a few that stood out were damage increases and decreases to numerous weapons, better silencers, more sounds, and several bug fixes. The Loot Drops were also adjusted to where you won’t keep getting duplicate weapon mods once you already have 2 or more in your inventory.

There are some tough enemies in Payday 2, and the new patch makes most of them quite a bit tougher. Snipers are deadlier than they were, the Taser trooper is a little more evil, and Bulldozers… let’s just say they can make your life hellish at times. Most of the enemies seem to have been tweaked to be tougher, and as someone that’s played the Ps3 version since the first day I can tell you it’s a welcome change. The Payday 2 console patch also brings a new heist, skill balancing, news masks, patterns, and materials to the game along with a slew of other changes.

Payday 2 is an awesome co-op shooter, and up until this patch, it was a seriously flawed game on the PlayStation 3. The game has been absolutely plagued with issues since its release, and while the dev’s took care of the PC crowd console gamers were left in the cold. The 1.03 patch definitely clears up the majority of the issues and makes Payday 2 a game I can finally recommend. If you took a break from the game, pick it back up, give it a go and tell us what you think about the new update.

Payday 2 Console Patch 1.03 changelog