Ink is a unique puzzle platformer with a papery premise.  Created by two guys from Chicago, Ink began it’s life as an end of semester project that the two students decided to take further.  The entire game takes place on a simple sheet of lined paper, and your character collects different colors of ink to get different powers.

The duo behind the game go by the name of Misfit Games, and they have over 100 levels planned and a variety of powerups and hazards.  You’re ranked on each level based on speed.  The faster you complete the level, the higher your ranking.  This means that anyone can play through and finish the game, but only those who take the time to truly master the game’s mechanics will get the highest ranking.

The most unique aspect of Ink is the quirky graphics.  The background of each level is a lined piece of paper, and the levels look like they’re drawn with pencil crayon.  The main obstacle even fits the theme: deadly liquid paper that saps all your color and sends you back to the starting line.

Take a look at the gameplay trailer to get an idea of how Ink plays and looks:

There’s even a level editor in store so you can make your own stages once you’ve mastered the ones included with the game.

Ink will hit 4 platforms when it’s done; iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.  Pledging only $1 will score you a copy of the game on your mobile OS of choice, and for $5 you can upgrade that to either a PC or a Mac version.  The Kickstarter runs for another 16 days (as of the time of this writing) and has raised $710 of their $10,000 goal.