Glitches have been a part of gaming as long as people have been mashing buttons, and every so often a super-glitch comes around in a major release that sends the web into a tizzy. Today is that day as a Gran Turismo 6 money glitch has been uncovered that lets you make a cool $20 million in a matter of minutes…

If you like to earn your cash the old fashioned way (or buy it via IAP) you’ll want to skip this, but if you’re looking for a leg up in GT6 read on. Here’s how to pull off the Gran Turismo 6 glitch according to a video uploaded on YouTube by Radical Dreamer…

  • Install the latest patch
  • Buy a Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo ($1,000,000 credits)
  • Save the Game & Quit
  • Access the Game Data Utility through your XMB and delete the 1.01 update
  • Restart the game, but skip the 1.01 update
  • Head to your garage and sell your car for a whopping $20 million credits

As with any game changing glitch, you will want to pull this off the Gran Turismo 6 money glitch fast if you want the cash. GTA 5 was full of little glitches like this, and the major ones got patched quickly.

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