Everyone loves a good game, and Steam Greenlight is a great place to find some killer titles to tickle your brain and hone your reflexes. Yesterday a whopping 100 games got the green light, and after picking through the list we’ve come up with a short list of games we think you’ll dig. Some of them have already been released, and most of them have demos or browser-based versions you can check out, so you can try before you buy…

Probably Archery

If you like your fun to come with a large dose of frustration, look no further than Probably Archery from South East Games. The simplest way to describe this one is to say that it’s like QWOP or Surgeon Simulator, but with Archery. Oh yeah. Prepare to be more than a little pissed off when you pick this one as it’s not for gamers with bad nerves. That said, it’s an absolute blast if you dig difficult games and it’s worth the price just to watch your friends spaz out.probably archery


continue?9876543210 has the distinction of being the most oddly named game we’ve ever come across, and it’s also one of the trippiest as it shows what happens to video game characters after they perish. Your goal is to try and keep from being deleted forever as you take a trip through the world of Random Access Memory. There you will meet all strange people that offer prayers and lightning which help you escape the deletion from the garbage collector for a little while longer. You can’t run forever, but the time will allow you to ponder your existence a little while longer. continue?9876543210 is an interesting game to say the least.continue?9876543210

Pitiri 1977

Pitiri 1977 is a love letter to the 70s, and it’s one of the coolest retro platformers we’ve seen in quite some time. Set in 1977, you take control of a kid with some amazing abilities as he goes on an epic adventure to save his brother. Pitiri 1977 features story driven gameplay, hand painted artwork, and a smooth 70s soundtrack. Needless to say, it’s an awesome looking game and well worth a look if you’re in the market for something different.pitiri 1977

Mr. Bree+

Mr. Bree is a family pig that ran into a bit of trouble when he was taken away by some wild boars and put to work. The piggy escapes, but has a bit of a memory problem, and he’s forgotten his family along with the way home. You’ll help Mr. Bree make his way back to his loved ones as you take on 45 tricky levels while learning secrets about Mr. Bree’s dark past. It’s a platformer in the vein of Super Meat Boy, and it’s the sequel to the browser-based Mr. Bree returning home.

Girls Like Robots

Everyone loves a good puzzle game, and Girls Like Robots provides that with its quirky story about a girl who digs robots, but detests nerds. It’s a game about seating arrangements, danger and love all set to some quirky old timey music. There are plenty of levels to keep you busy, just don’t overcrowd your robots as too much loving can be a bad thing.girls.like.robots

The games we’ve mentioned are just a small sampling of what Steam Greenlight unleashed yesterday. If you’re looking for more gaming goodness be sure to check out the full list of games that just got the green light.