Every once in awhile, new online slot games that are covered by a lot of hype hit the Internet scene. This is the case with Mega Moolah, The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk, The Supranos, and Tomb Raider. However, what makes it quite different among all other games before it is it actually lived up to the hype. Read on and find out what these games are all about.


The Dark Knight


Based on the award-winning Warner Brothers movie, this five reel, 243 ways online slot game is as action-packed as its movie counterpart. It comes with a myriad of fancy in-game features like an innovative four-tier progressive jackpot that allows players to have multiple opportunities to win a prize by achieving a particular combination.

In addition, The Dark Knight game also comes with character rewards that add a sense of excitement to game plays. The two primary characters (Batman and Joker) may appear from time to time and each time they do, players win a wide array of prizes.

Just like other online slot games, the higher bets translate to better chances of winning.


Mega Moolah


Mega Moolah is a fun virtual slot machine game that comes with a huge jackpot. In fact a couple of online Players gained millions by simply playing it. Decorated with a Safari theme, this game is a must-play for individuals who want to have fun and gain a couple of extra cash in the process. Read on to learn more about this one-of-a-kind game.

Game play

Mega Moolah has around 25 pay lines and five reels. One of the good things about this game is players do not need to burn a hole in their pocket to enjoy an online gambling game since they can bet as little as $0.01 and as high as $125.00.

They can opt to obtain total control of the game by simply tweaking the options. Alternatively, they can set the game in automatic simulation mode and simply sit back and relax.

Graphics and Sounds

Don’t be turned off by the game’s overall design. Even though it is light-hearted and simple, it offers a huge jackpot that cannot be obtained from other games. Because it is safari-themed, it is pretty much predominated by animal symbols.

In addition to this, the soundtrack contains tribal drumming and jungle sounds. All these are played throughout the game to achieve the fun factor that online gamers long for. Also, when a particular spin wins, the screen bursts with lively graphics and upbeat music follows.


Mega Moolah is very different from other online gambling games that feature progressive jackpots because one does not need to bet the highest to win the biggest bonus. The jackpot can be won by simply choosing a bonus jackpot game that is awarded to players in random intervals. While larger bets come with higher chances of winning, those who place bets at minimum amounts can still win.

All in all, Mega Moolah is a unique and fun online gambling game that should be played by those who want to try something new. Just give it a try if you don’t believe the hype. If you want to know more you can read more about this game.


The Incredible Hulk



The Incredible Hulk Online Slot Game is a five reel, 50 payline game that is themed after one of Marvel’s most loved characters. It is a must-play for online game aficionados and Marvel fans out there.

The game features innovative slots progressive jackpot rounds that anyone will take one’s gaming experience to different level.

It also features two sets of screen bonus rounds that can be activated with just one click. Also known as the “Hulk Smash Bonus Round,” the first bonus round can be unlocked by simply destroying the bonus symbols that are located on the first and fifth reels.

On the other hand, the second bonus round is more exciting than the first one because players are awarded with 10 spins where they can multiply their bet to up 100 times.

Last but not the least, Online Hulk Slot Game players can also enjoy its expanding hulk gameplay option where the green superhero becomes angry and randomly appears on any of the reel. When he appears at the third reel, the player gains a re-spin. However, if he emerges the first and fifth reels, the player gets to spin backwards.

All in all, the Incredible Hulk Online Slot Game is one of a kind game that is as action-packed as it movie counterpart. It is perfect for Incredible Hulk fans who want to engage in a fast-paced online slot game that comes with superb graphics and sound.


The Sopranos

I was never a big fan of slots, may they be the actual machines found in casino halls or the ones that can be played online until I got curious with this interesting video slot called “The Sopranos.” What caught my attention at first were the name of the game and the graphics that went with it. I could say that its visuals are exceptionally appealing and the images used are imaginative. I simply love the fact that its theme is based on one of my favorite TV shows. I guess it somehow adds to me looking forward to play the game every so often.


About the payouts, I am not exactly sure about how much one could actually win from online casinos since it is only now that I am getting a good grasp of how it goes. I am certain though with one thing, it is not really as hard as I thought it would be to win. I think it is just really a matter of luck but the chances of winning are relatively higher (I think) compared with other gambling forms, plus the jackpots are high. Since the minimum bet of $.20 is not that much, I think I would play this game frequently as it gives me a good time to relax and kill time.


By the way, apart from The Sopranos there are other video slot games available to many enthusiasts. Aside from the prize differences, what make these games unique are the varying themes employed. Surely, they make the experience more fun and enjoyable. You, too, should give it a try!


Tomb Raider Slot

Incomparable excitement without wagering too much—these, perhaps, are the words that can best describe Tomb Raider slots. This 5-reel, 15 payline game allows the player to bet as little as $.05 per spin. With said amount, the player may actually bag a good fortune. On the other hand, for maximum bet, the player may win up to $ 56,250! This jackpot may be won when the player successfully gets the 5x wild symbols during the 10x free spin feature where all the earnings of the player are tripled. This may be considered the highlight of the game as all wins are multiplied by three, giving the players good chances to hit the jackpots of $56,250 or $45,000.


Apart from the enticing prize table of this slot, its graphics inspired by Tomb Raider is an additional attraction that appeals to many online casino players. Although it does not really focus on its major characters, Lara Croft in particular, the drawings replicating the other aspects of its storyline are certainly visually interesting. The sounds are fine but not could not really match the well-thought of graphics of the game.


Overall, Tomb Raider slot is more than just an ordinary online casino game as it has more to offer. It is able to merge tradition with technology—combining classical gambling platforms with today’s most famous and hottest movie and computer game themes.


Summing up

All in all, if you want to take part in online slot games that are a cut above the rest, then play the abovementioned games and find out what the hype if all about. Rest assured that they’re all worth your time and effort. If you’re lucky, you might also win huge amounts of cash!