Meet Kickstarter’s newest project: Mr. Utility. Inspired by 3D action adventure platform games of the 90’s, Mr. Utility brings all the ingredients for an exciting adventure game with a few added twists. Team Utility’s passion project has broken the mold and added strategic elements and gameplay tweaks that is sure to make for an entertaining PC game.

Your job is to control Mr. Utility through seven levels and return the Mayor and townsfolk to their home of Fluffytown. On your adventure you will encounter several enemies that cannot be killed by simply jumping on their heads. How will you defeat these enemies? Mr. Utility will have at least five different items at his disposal to defeat or evade enemies. These items include dynamite, a trampoline, a cage, and a 10 ton weight. Choose your items wisely because Mr. Utility will be able to carry three of these items during each level. The game will feature many side quests as well as possible DLC levels that will be added to the HUB World.


When playing the alpha demo for Mr. Utility that is available for download on their Kickstarter page, you’ll notice the game has a very familiar feel to all the classic 3D adventure games such as Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie. The controls are laid out very simple and easy to grasp, making it quick to pick up on and enjoy. The level design is very colorful and bright and is sure to only get better with a successful Kickstarter campaign.


Mr. Utility is new to Kickstarter and at the time of writing Team Utility has reached £136 of their £4000 goal (roughly $273 of $7000). Mr. Utility‘s Kickstarter campaign runs until December 31st and money raised will go towards 3D software license, a promotional web comic, and steam green light fee. If Team Utility reaches beyond their goal they will hire a creative writer to expand the story, add new levels, and possibly port Mr. Utility to the Ouya console. Kickstarter backers will receive a variety of rewards based on their pledge amount. These rewards range from digital copies of the game, wallpapers, and even designing your very own weapon. If you would like to find out more on Mr. Utility, play the demo, or to watch the trailer, check out the link below.

Mr. Utility Kickstarter