With all the new console releases this year, it’s easy for some devices to get lost in the shuffle. The Nvidia Shield is one of those, but yesterday it received a massive update that’s set to bring the handheld gaming device back to the forefront. Ready to stream some PC games?

Back in October, the Nvidia Shield a large update that brought the device up to Android 4.3 while also bringing GameStream out of beta. They also introduced Gamepad mapper which allows users to map keys and play more games. Yesterday, the finally unleashed the feature a lot of folks had been waiting for by giving the Shield the ability to stream games in 1080p at 60fps. Users will now be able to play top-tier titles like Battlefield 4, Batman: Arkham Origins, Crysis 3, Skyrim, and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag in glorious 1080p through console mode over an Ethernet connection.
In addition to the new streaming capabilities, the Gamepad mapper has seen a bit of an update as well. A community profile BETA feature has been added which gives gamers the ability to peruse custom control profiles put together by other users. You can share your own, rate them, and download any profile you’d like to try. The cursor feature has been improved, and you can now map the gyroscope or motion-based movements as well.

Yesterday’s Nvidia Shield update was definitely a major one, and it’s coming at a great time as people are buying more games (and devices) in this busy holiday season. We just touched on a few of the features the new update brings, if you want to learn more hit the link below to get a full rundown of what the update brings to the table.