While most people were busy gorging themselves on turkey and stuffing this week, we were digging through the Play Store to bring you the Top New Android Games of the Week. We also ate a lot of turkey. There were some awesome games released this week, and if you’re coming out of your tryptophan coma we’ve got 5 games you’ll definitely want to check out.

1. Badland

Badland is one of those iOS games Android gamers have probably heard about, but never got a chance to play. The game lets you take control of a winged creature, and you’ll have to guide him through a wondrous land filled with beauty and danger. It’s a physics-based side-scroller with a lot of style, and it’s totally free to download on Google Play.badland


2. Papa Pear Saga

King crushed gamers will to sleep and eat with Candy Crush, and now they’re back with another killer time waster called Papa Pear Saga. The game has been a bit hit on Facebook and has been “out” as a soft release since last month. Last week it finally became available to folks in the US, and if you dig Pachinko style puzzlers… well, just go download it already. Papa Pear Saga will annihilate your free time, and it’s free to download on Google Play.papa pear saga

3. MLB.com Franchise MVPmlb.franchise.mvp

Anyone who has ever read an article of mine, knows I love a good sports sim and there aren’t many out there for Android. That changed last week with the release of MLB.com Franchise MVP. The game lets you take a player from the minors to the majors and includes over 120 real teams including the minor league ball clubs. While it’s not a perfect baseball sim, it is definitely one of the better ones out there, and it’s free to download. Check back next week for a full review of MLB.com Franchise MVP.




4. Doctor Who: Legacydoctor who legacy

Like Puzzles & Dragons? If so, you’ll flip out over Doctor Who: Legacy from Tiny Rebel Games. It’s an official Doctor Who game disguised as a P&D clone, but it’s a blast if you’re a fan of the good Doctor and you even get to relieve some of his most famous battles. The Weeping Angels and The Silence to Headless Monks (among others) will make an appearance along with other horrid enemies from the Doctors adventures. It’s a little buggy at times, but well worth a look and it’s free to download.




5. Micro Minersmicro miners

People love a good digging game, and Micro Miners aims to deliver just that as you get to control an army of teeny tiny miners. You’ll have to think fast if you want to snag the gold, silver, and coal in this game as the screen constantly scrolls and if you miss three deposits you fail the level. It’s a whole lot of fun, and it’ll only set you back a buck if you want to check it out.