Multiplayer brawlers are a blast to play with your friends as witnessed by the massive success of games like Super Smash Bros. What happens when you take cute little creatures and throw them into an online team-based brawler? You get Grow
Grow is a new Kickstarter project from Studio Grow out of Melbourne, Australia. Grow is a game that has you eat to evolve as you scavenge for food and fight against other creatures online. The game has you start out as a critter called a Nom, and as you eat you’ll “grow” into a different character with unique abilities like turning into a turret or using healing goo.
If you eat candy grow into a speedster while meat is the equivalent of power.  Grow has 3 branches of character growth with 2 level each, hybridization, and you can even puke your way back to a previous state if you don’t dig your current form. In addition to growing you’ll also be able to accessorize your Nom with different things, equip items, and change their ‘skin’ to further tweak their appearance.
Grow’s Kickstarter just got underway today, and they are looking to raise $33,000 (AUD) to bring the game to the masses. If successfully funded, gamers will get 10 characters, 3 maps, 3 game modes, character customization, online multiplayer, and LAN play. If they hit $40k the game will get two new maps, $50k brings 3 more game modes to the table, and they’ll try to get the game onto consoles if they hit $100,000. If they can manage to snag $200,000, they’ll bring new characters into Grow.
Grow looks like a blast, and while the campaign just kicked off today, they are off to a good start with around 90 backers and $3,000 raised at the time of this writing. If successful, Grow is scheduled to be released in April of 2014 on Steam with other platforms a possibility depending on how the campaign pans out.