Farming simulation games are a strangely addicting and entertaining genre that has seen it’s share of success. Games such as Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, & Animal Crossing are some of the most popular of the genre, and have inspired Quickfire Games’ Kickstarter project Wild Season. Build and expand your farm, make friends, and discover the town’s secrets in this ambitious farming sim.

After your home and possessions in the big city are lost to a mafia, you decide to get a fresh start on a farm in a far away town. As you rebuild and expand the farm, you will build relationships, and tie the knot with one of eight bachelors/bachelorettes. Wild Season will have multiple storylines depending on the relationships you build or choose not to build, and the choices you make. Harvest crops and take care of a variety of animals including cows, sheep, goats, chickens, horses, dogs, ostriches, and even penguins. There are many activities to keep you occupied such as festivals, part time jobs, fishing, cooking, and even socializing at the town bar after a long day’s work.


I know what you’re thinking, what is going to set Wild Season apart from the likes of Harvest Moon and other farming simulation games? First of all, Wild Season will have more mature subjects and storylines. Characters will deal with a wide range of issues such as drinking problems, heartbreak, and even crazy exes. Another unique feature will be the ability to work your way into town council and make crucial decisions for the town. Players will also be able to use evolving technologies to help manage their farm and relationships. Wild Season will also use a relationship and dating engine called the “Friend Zone Engine” to make developing relationships feel more relatable and genuine and less scripted and tedious. Wild Season will also incorporate same sex marriage.

Wild Season 3

Quickfire Games initially intends to release Wild Season on PC,Linux,Mac, IOS, and android. Depending on the success of their campaign they are hoping to have the game available on other mobile platforms such as blackberry & Windows phones, as well as handheld platforms like the Nintendo 3DS & PS Vita. Wild Season is fresh to Kickstarter, launching their campaign on November 27th. The campaign runs until December 27th and as I write this Wild Season has raised £72.00 of their £22,500.00 goal (approximately $117 of $36,700). Backers will receive rewards depending on their pledges, including a digital copy of Wild Seasons on the platform of your choice for only $7! Other rewards include soundtracks, artwork, and even having a character in the town named after you. If you would like to find out more about Wild Seasons and back the project click the link below. Gear up, it’s going to be a wild season.

Wild Season Kickstarter