The Stasis Kickstarter campaign has attracted attention from designers such as Brian Fargo, and talent like composer Mark Morgan (Zork Nemesis, Fallout 1, Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas) who’s actually just signed up to design the score for Stasis. What’s the story?

In this game you are John Maracheck. You’re in a desolate spacecraft where your family is trapped and likely victims of truly gruesome experiments. John, you must get out there in this horrifying sci-fi world and find your family. Get in there. Use all the equipment and computers and machinery available. By all means, even interact with the inhabitants who have somehow remained at the abandoned research facility in space.

Stasis, a 2D isometric point-and-click adventure, is a game that combines an extensive storyline, characteristic to the fantasy genre, within a scifi horror setting. This outstanding combination comes from a man who’s driven by a love for all three. Do all best things come in three? With Stasis it sure sounds like it – the passion is in the game.

The creation of Stasis seems the story of a man with a dream becoming reality as we speak. The Kickstarter’s successfulness is, according to creator Christopher Bischoff, in part because of his consistent blogging and posting on forums on the project from the get-go. It earned him a small but persistent fan-base who’ve spread the word for funding. Apart from his online presence – Christopher took the advise from some Kickstarter veterans. ‘One thing that stood out to me was how many people didn’t actually complete watching the video!’. It lead him to place the trailer right at the beginning – so his audience got the most important first. Have a look below.

Christopher Bischoff has worked on the game for three years before launching the Kickstarter. Indeed, it feels, smells and looks like someone has thought it through in every dimension. Several chapters have been fully completed, remaining areas have been technically planned and large portions of graphics have been created. It’s currently playable and they’ve even written the sequel to the game, as well as frameworks of several other stories set in the STASIS universe. ‘Over 100 years of history and back story has been locked in place, ripe for exploration.’

Who are ‘they’? Christopher and his brother Nicolas have founded ‘The Brotherhood‘, an entity to publish Stasis. The brothers have cooperated on several creative products over the last decade – from creating a Star Control 2 Clone (called OUTWORLD and later Alien Me), a Scorched Earth inspired tank game (called Blast Radius) and within their 3D illustration company more than a decade ago.

Their best advice for kickstarting a campaign: ‘Get quotations, get physical samples from suppliers and plan! Definitely plan and think through your rewards carefully.’

Christopher is ready to turn the side-project into a full time job. Good thing because the Stasis Kickstarter campaign has reached $81,242 of the $100,000 goal – at the time of writing. With 10 days to go – ending December 7, 2013- it’s what you call an exciting Kickstarter.