Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Vlambeer is a name fans of Indie games will certainly recognize with popular games like Super Crate Box, Luftrauser, and Ridiculous Fishing. While the developer has ported a few of their games to iOS, Android has been of their radar – until now. The Humble Mobile Bundle 3 was released yesterday, and with it came a game a lot of Android gamers have been dying to get their hands on… Ridiculous Fishing.ridiculous fishing

Ridiculous Fishing started out as a flash game called Radical Fishing, and after endless refinements Ridiculous Fishing was born. What makes it so ridiculous? How about chainsaw lures, orbital rays, and silly little hats for starters. It’s not your typical fishing game, and Billy isn’t your average fisherman.

When you first fire up Ridiculous Fishing, you’ll be taken to “Home Waters” where you’ll learn the basics of the game. The controls are super simple as you just  need to tap the screen to cast your line, and you’ll want to tilt your phone to control the lure as it drops through the depths. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well it’s not as you actually want to avoid fish and other sea creatures for as long as possible while your lure is on the way down. Once you hit a fish or run out of juice the lure starts coming back up which is when you’ll want to steer it towards the fish instead of away from them.

Hooking a big haul is just half the battle in Ridiculous Fishing as you have to deal with them once ridiculous fishingthey reach the surface. This is where things get really ridiculous. As soon as your fish hit the surface they are launched into the air where you’ll have to blast them with your arsenal of firearms to collect. Different fish are worth different amounts, but you’ll want to avoid jellyfish at all costs as they detract from your total and it’s hard not to shoot them when they are falling from the sky with the rest of your catch.

Your hard earned funds can be spent in the shop where you can buy new reels, guns, lures, and tech. There are around 30 different items to buy, and all of them are well worth your money. Having trouble getting through the maze of fish on the way down? No problem, just pick up the chainsaw lure or toss a hairdryer on the line. Need to go a little deeper? The Infinity Reel may set you back 20k, but you’ll never run out of line again. There are plenty of power-ups to pursue, and there’s a miscellaneous section that offers up some funny hats for Billy to enjoy.

The one thing Ridiculous Fishing has in common with other fishing games is with its layout whichridiculous fishing lets you fish in different areas. You can access the “Map” from Billy’s phone, and there are four different areas to unlock with Home Waters, Story Seas, Artic Floes, and The Maelstrom. Each area is a little tougher than the last, and you can only unlock the next spot by catching a certain number of new species. It’s not that difficult to unlock most of the areas fairly quickly, but some of the fish are much harder to catch than others as they’ll only appear at certain times of day or at certain depths.


Fishing games are a dime a dozen on Google Play, but Ridiculous Fishing has been hailed as the crème del a crème of fishing games. After spending half the day with the ridiculously fun game, I came to the conclusion that the hype is actually right for once as the game is an absolute blast to play. The graphics are colorful and easy on the eyes while the shooting mechanic livens things up by letting you blast the aquatic creatures with blunderbuss’s and bazookas.

Ridiculous Fishing gives gamers that “one more go” type of feeling and hopefully it’s the first of many Vlambeer titles to may its way to Android. At the moment, you can only get Ridiculous Fishing through the Humble Mobile Bundle 3, but you can expect it to hit Google Play sometime after the Bundle ends.

Ridiculous Fishing via the Humble Mobile Bundle 3