It has been well documented that girls are drawn more towards adventure and fantasy games more so than your typical shooter.  MMO RPG’s are wildly popular among girls of all ages.  Below are some of the more recent MMO RPG’s that girls may enjoy.


Star Stable

Star Stable gives a completely new spin on the MMO RPG genre.  In the game you play as a girl who is loaned a horse and you must compete through various challenges in order to pay off the horse.  In the meantime, you will also make new friends, save the world from evil corporations and find cool upgrades for your horse.

This game is geared more towards younger players, but is still quite fun for older players.  The game has often been referred to as friendly and non-competitive, other than players competing for who has the cooler horse.

Star Stable is a MMO RPG that is family friendly and available for free play online from World of Horsecraft AB.


 Rising Cities

Rising Cities is a totally free to play MMO RPG urban development game by Bigpoint.  The concept is similar to pretty much every SimCity style clone of the last 30 years.  Your objective is to build the best city possible while managing the resources and people within.

Start small and build gradually is the basic strategy many will use in this game.  The trick is not just building the city but also keeping your citizens happy and planning around various natural disasters that can occur.



Aion:Ascension is a stunning MMO RPG game where your winged character has been given amazing powers that you must use to defend your world from an ancient evil.  The game features amazing graphics, stunning environments, and a truly unique world.  You are battling for the survival of Atreia.

You get to play as either the Asmodians or the Elyos and your primary goal is to defend your people against and ancient evil.  Ultimately, it is determined that the opposing faction is also the evil that you must defend against.  The game features over 2000 story-based quests that you must complete.



ArcheAge is a MMO from South Korea with a lot of Sandbox elements.  Essentially, the game offers a complete virtual world where players can do everything from build villages to compete in epic naval combat.  There are 120 different classes in this game and some have commented that the game has a very WoW type feel.


Lord of the Rings Online

Fans of the Lord of the Rings will enjoy this MMO RPG.  You get to conduct quests though Middle Earth and develop yourself into the newest hero of the legendary saga.  Some quests will even allow you to play briefly as legendary characters from the book.