Space-based simulation games have gained traction over the past couple of years with titles like FTL, Star Command, and Kerbal Space Program just to name a few. While all those games are great, nobody has managed to deliver a game that takes us boldly where no game has gone before. Enter Tiny Trek, a new Kickstarter project from Chris Carson and Gamesare Studios. It’s a randomly generated space-based sim, and it’s a game you’ll definitely want to play…tiny trek

Tiny Trek lets you strap yourself into a comfy captains chair as you head out into the universe to explore strange worlds and seek out semi-intelligent creatures. It’s a space game that puts all the decisions in your hands, and those decisions may come back to bite you in the ass later so think carefully before you react. Is that abandoned ship really worth checking out? Do you want to trade for resources on the purple planet or the suspect looking green one? The choice is yours captain.tiny trek

One of the interesting aspects of Tiny Trek is the fact that it’s procedurally generated so your actions can directly affect the universe around you. Decide to save a stranded ship? That decision may help you later on. If the alien race appreciates your heroics they may lend a hand if you get into a pickle or your actions may invoke the wrath of other species. The games uses a random episode generator to pull this off, and they already have over 100 different episodes ready to go. The way the game is setup, it’s pretty safe to say you’re going to get a different experience each time out, and the more money they raise, the more awesome the finished product will be.tiny trek

Tiny Trek just kicked things off yesterday, and they’ve already brought in $1,774 of their $4,000 goal with a lot of time let. They “should” hit their initial goal, but the real challenge is going to be getting to those stretch goals. If the team can hit $6,000 we’ll get a bigger set of editing tools for your ships, races, and home world along with a procedurally generated weapons system that can be edited. If they hit 8k, server-based content sharing comes into play so you’ll be able to share the content from your game with another player.tiny.trek-3

The campaign for Tiny Trek runs through December 22, and the developers hope to have the game out in May of 2014 barring any setbacks.  The game will be available on a number of platforms as well including Windows PC’s, Mac’s Android, iOS, and the OUYA. Tiny Trek is a game we’ll be watching closely, and we’ll be back to give you an update next month when it’s campaign starts to wind down. If you want to show Tiny Trek some funding love (you know you do), you can hit the link below and head on over to their Kickstarter page.

Tiny Trek