It’s as if the makers of Astree Works have zoomed in on every detail for their game Paradise Lost: First Contact (PL:FC) – not just the pixels. The game has the rather quirky concept of making you live the role of action hero – as pixelated alien plant. Combined with a captivating cinematic feel on the other hand, this game promises to be a refreshing experience.

The storyline: Having taken on the role of an alien-plant, captured by a bioengineering corporation known as G.E.R., your goal is to help this green specimen escape from the hostile G.E.R. facility and discover their mysterious, or better said dodgy, experiments. A stealth / action experience with elements from platformer and puzzle resolution and non-linear mechanics resembling the classic Metroidvania style.

The characters you’ll encounter show great potential for creating interesting twists to the plot. Such as the dubious Dr Leonard White, an engineer who’s lost his arm in a tragic lab accident now spending his scientific efforts on regaining the senses in his hand. Or investigative journalist Della Hudson who’s sneaked into the laboratory complex to find out what conspicuous activity might be going on. And there’s Ash Galloway, an ex-military leader mobilizing her security team to take any means necessary.

Astree Works explains that the storytelling, dialogues and cut scenes are the cornerstones of the game. With witch they promise lots of Easter eggs during your efforts to escape – as plant. Sudden twists and double-crossing are plenty on your way out. Have a look at the dialogues below, they really do add to a personalized cinematic experience.



Not surprisingly the Astree team has an innate passion for feature films. Sigrid Chánobas, design and storytelling, states having fallen for Spielberg’s movies at childhood age and Pablo J. Garmón, music and SFX, has built a career composing for film and theatre. Their video really does show, have a look.

Based in Gijón, Spain, Astree Works is a team comprised of bunch of friends with a passion for 2D and sci-fi who’ve decided to follow their hearts, quit their jobs, and make their game. They took a chance and played it well: The game has reached the target goal of $70,000 leaving the remaining of their campaign duration to add to their stretch goals, covering as many platforms possible in order to make the game accessible to everyone.

For those who love a cultural touch, look out for references to the 17th century poem “Paradise Lost” by John Milton about being expelled from the Garned of Eden. That explains the title.

The PL:FC Kickstarter campaign runs until December 1st, 2013. With 3,382 backers pledging for $74,777 and an initial $70,000 goal at the time of writing.