Each week hundreds of new Android games hit Google Play, and we decided it was time to put the spotlight on the best of the bunch. Without further ado, we proudly present the Top New Android Games of the Week…

1. Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf

If you were into RPG’s and role playing back in the day, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf. Joe Dever and Bulkypix are bringing Lone Wolf back for an all new adventure, and while the game has been updated for modern times with 3D graphics, it still maintains that “choose your own adventure” feel. The game is split into four episodes, and the first one, “Blood on the Snow” will only set you back $4.99. If you’re looking to save a few bucks, you can pick up a Season Pass that gives you all four acts for 20% off. If you want to give it a whirl, you can pick up Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf on Google Play.lone wolf


2. Isle of Bxnesisle of bxnes

Everyone loves a good Action-RPG game, and we came across a cool one from Whalenought Studios called Isle of Bxnes. You’ll have to try and survive against fearsome beasts (and cannibals) as you pool your resources and expand your brood. Isle of Bxnes will WOW you with its killer pixel art, and even throws permadeath in to toughen things up. You’ll probably die a lot, but at least you can be reincarnated through one of your sons. It’s an Interesting game to say the least. If you’re looking for something different, Isle of Bxnes is a game you’ll definitely want to check out and it can be yours for the low price of $2.99.

3. Naught 2

Blue Shadow Games Naught is a great little platformer, and last week they finally unveiled the sequel called Naught 2. You’ll have to guide the fast feline through huge levels while collecting diamonds and trying your best not to die. You’re going to die a lot as Naught 2 seems to be quite a bit tougher than the previous game. It’s not a bad thing, just be prepared for those bosses. If you dig games like Limbo, you’ll be right at home with Naught, and you can snag it for $1.99.naught 2


4. Drawn: The Painted Tower

If you’ve played a hidden object game, you’ve probably played one of Big Fish Games numerous titles. While some are mediocre, occasionally they drop one that really grabs our attention and last week it was Drawn: The Painted Tower. You’ll have to journey through the mysterious tower floors to save Iris, and there are plenty of surprises and puzzles along the way. As usual, you’ll be able to play a bit of the game for free, but will have to pay $1.99 to unlock the whole shebang.Screenshot_2013-11-16-14-28-00


5. Gold DiggersScreenshot_2013-11-16-17-12-54

Mining games have been a popular genre on the Play Store, and Gold Diggers is the newest game to put gamers to work digging for gold. Gold Diggers takes a different approach to mining as you’ll get to control a steam punk digging machine that glides through the earth by following your finger. Cutting through the earth and collecting coins is simple – keeping your digger in one piece… not so much. It’s a great game that’s well deserving of a spot on our Top New Android Games of the Week list, and you can pick it up for free.