Cakemachine Games (CG) is a company made up of a couple of friends that wanted to create something classic yet refined and intuitive. The result: Project Sen. A 2D action platformer where Mega Man and Metroid games meet. Project Sen is about video-game hero Sen. Not your typical “perfect” protagonist. But according to CG ‘she does extraordinary things’. What kind of things?

Sen is a recent graduate of the System Defence Force training academy who is sent on a mission to a small colony living on a moon in star system far far away. There, Sen remains as sole survivor after a mysterious attack. Is she nifty enough to fight the malevolent presence that wiped out an entire army? Well, that’s basically up to you. Slight hint: the malicious force might be set out to destroy mankind…

Sen likes: Running, cats, pizza, art, reading, Oolong tea, doing things on her own.

Sen dislikes: Being told what to do, being hungry, having no time for tea, being tired, people with no tact.


The redhead action hero sounds a bit green behind the ears. Her succes seems to depend on her strength and resilience. So what makes Sen -or her Project- extraordinary? Sen can do the classic jump, duck, and blast moves – and kick walls – but likely much more refined. Programmer Fern HW is working on the engine, trying to make it responsive, focusing on the joy of moving around. Fern finds inspiration in Ubisoft’s ubiart engine and Vanillaware’s engine ‘I want to eventually have the engine in that state’.

The Enemy/Prop Designer and Cleanup Assistant Enrique Bolatre is coming up with fun and visually interesting enemies, sometimes together with the games’ Creative Director Shoji. Making quirky enemies in the form of monsters, robots and insects such as the Clawbug: ‘A Mutant human-sized insect. Hostile, and should be approached with caution’

According to Sens’ spiritual father Shoji the project is unique because of it’s balance in design. ‘The controls reflect this and have that solid feel, much like 2D platformers of the NES era, but improved to have a more responsive feel.’

Have a look at the video below to see more of the intuitive features of this exceptional 2D action platformer.

The Kickstarter Project Sen ends December 6, 2013. At the time of writing they have 387 backers together vouching for $16,056 out of their $80,000 goal.