The release of the PlayStation 4 is now less than 24 hours away, and whether you’re playing hooky tomorrow or simply sitting back watching the clock march towards playstation 4 appmidnight, it’s an exciting day to be  a gamer. Yesterday Sony finally unleashed the official PlayStation App, and if you’re picking up a PS4, it’s an app you’ll definitely want to check out.

The PlayStation App lets you sync your favorite smartphone to your PS4 as well as the PlayStation store. The app allows you to do a number of things, and while most of us don’t have our hands on a console yet, a lot of the features are already up and running.

When you first fire up the PlayStation App, you’ll get a screen that gives you the option of accessing the PSN store, your friends, trophies, and settings. You’ll also be able to get the lowdown on new titles and your pals with the “What’s New” section and access your PSN profile.

The social aspect of the PlayStation App comes into play with the icons that run across the topplaystation 4 of the main screen which gives you access to invitations, game alerts, messages, and notifications. The bottom of the screen offers up three options as well with Links, PSN, and Connect to PS4.

The Links section gives you the skinny on upcoming news, games, promotions and events while the PSN button acts as your home key to take you back the main menu. Connect to PS4 is pretty self-explanatory, and it was the only feature we didn’t test as there’s no system to connect to just yet.

The PlayStation App is a “must have” kind of app if you plan on picking up a PlayStation 4. That said, it’s not called the “PlayStation 4″ app for a reason as there’s plenty of functionality for Ps3 owners as well including access to your trophies, friends, and the PSN store. While we weren’t able to test any of the PS4 features, there are plenty of cool features (more on the way) including the ability to “push” games and DLC to your system from your phone. If you want to give it a go, just hit up the links below to snag the official PlayStation App for Android and iOS.

PlayStation App for Android

PlayStation App for iOS