Listen, it’s time we had a chat.  We’ve got two next-gen consoles about to launch and I know you want in on that.  You want to buy one, and chances are pretty good you’ve already made up your mind.  I understand that you’re probably a little biased towards one system or another.  We all have our biases and that’s okay, but lately some of us may have taken things a little too far.  Check out your favorite online community and I’m sure you’ll find that some people have taken an extreme side, and that they’re probably not going to be very nice if you don’t agree with them.  They all want you to buy the same system that they’re going to buy, and if you don’t agree then you can go straight to hell.  But which console should you actually buy?  The answer may surprise you.

Buy the console that has the games you want to play.

That’s it.  It’s really that simple and yet it eludes so many.  Figure out which games you want to, actually, you know, play and buy the console that lets you play them.  Go to any online community right now and tell them you’re excited for the Xbox One and watch as you get your face (metaphorically) ripped off.  The greater denizens of the internet have sided with Playstation (not to say they’re wrong for doing so) and you’re either with them or you’re against them.  But really, when you get right down to it, it’s all about the games and you should go with whichever system has the games you want to play.

Does this image get you all hot and bothered?  An Xbox One is what you're looking for.

Does this image get you all hot and bothered? An Xbox One is what you’re looking for.

Do you like Halo or Killzone better?  Do you lean more towards Gran Turismo or Forza?  Which son are you more proud of: Ryse: Son of Rome or Infamous: Second Son?  Mario or Knack?  Kinect Sports or Wii Sports?  Every single one is a valid choice, and it’s these choices that should guide your purchase, not the logo on the box.

We should all be banding together here, not pulling apart.  Really, we’re all just fans of videogames, so rather than fighting we should be playing.  If somebody wants to play Forza on their Xbox One, let them.  Don’t disparage them – encourage them.  Let them enjoy their game while you enjoy yours and we’ll all be happier for it.

But wait, what if you’re not interested in either new console?  Do you like your PC for gaming just fine?  Or are you a Nintendo gamer enraptured with the Wii U?  That’s great, too!  We all love videogames and we should be excited that everyone gets to have something they enjoy.  After all, that’s one of the great things about gaming: it’s an inclusive hobby that where everyone gets a chance to have fun.  Spend less time worrying about what everyone else is doing, and focus more on having your own fun.  After all, whether you play on PC, Wii U, Xbox One, PS4, or handhelds you’ll have plenty of games to play and plenty of people to play them with.

If this looks like a blast and a half then a Wii U is what you should be buying.

If this looks like a blast and a half then a Wii U is what you should be buying.

Myself, I’m picking up a PS4 on Friday to go along with my Wii U.  Will I end up with an Xbox One?  Yes, eventually.  I enjoy gaming far too much to lock myself out of a platform, but for now I’m going to settle for owning just two of them.  That doesn’t mean I need to attack the people who made a different choice, it just means I should get excited that someone else gets to enjoy something I don’t.  So when you grab (or don’t grab) your console of choice this month you should focus on what you’re having fun with and not making sure no one else has any.

Remember: Sit back, have fun, and game on!