The team behind MONO, a multinational indie Studio, feels that Triple A MMORPG’s all seem to be clones of several previously successful systems. They wanted to make something unique. In fact, they claim ‘we know there is no other game out there like InSomnia. What do they have to offer?

Three hundred years ago your peoples, the Nomans, were virtually wiped out by another civilisation, the SORGs. In this game you have a chance to wake up in a dark ‘retro-futuristic dieselpunk’ style universe, and fight for your peoples’ survival, to rebuilt a new civilisation. While trying to understand the mistakes made – because clues from the past offer solutions for the future.

According to Anatoliy Nekrasov, Lead Designer at Studio MONO, ‘most people assume InSomnia is an ordinary MMO at first glance, but it is much more accurate to say it is a co- operative RPG with online opportunities such as linking up with friends, communication and trade, all around evolving story lines and quests within a Sandbox world’. It all sounds massively intriguing and complex – which seems to be exactly what MONO is aiming for…

First off, the game unfolds real time. Playing it will differ for each and every gamer, no matter when you join. A character created at launch will experience different starting conditions from someone joining months later. On top of that, the storyline is divided in chapters and is made up of non-linear story structures. Be ready to be surprised. How to stay on top of the events?

Only by staying in contact with your fellow players can you understand the full scope of what InSomnia has to offer. However, you are free to choose to tackle quest lines alone, or in co-op with two or three friends taking on the online PvP content, where up to 60 players could be taking part at any one moment. Think faction wars or global quest lines.

Do note. When teaming up, success can depend on intelligent skill distribution. Clear role assignment may become of vital importance. Which makes gaming with real-world friends kinda exciting. Other tactical elements listed: keen reflexes and fast thinking to deal with unpredictable enemy activity. Not to mention the promised ‘Human-like’ artificial intelligence for NPC’s.

The choices you make in the game may have grand consequences. You’ll be faced with difficult decisions that not only will effect the fate of your character but also your friends in the game; the ongoing story; or the world of InSomnia in general. That may well be totally unique. A MMORPG’s where your character can really change the world. ‘Even if you don’t want to’, according to the games’ makers.

Have a look at their video below. It’s also worthwhile to check out their rewards for backing. Even the lower end packages have in-game items, and content only offered to early backers.

MONO pledges to continue developing InSomnia even if the Kickstarter funding target falls short. By creating a Kickstarter campaign they wanted to gauge the peoples interest. They’re aiming for an ongoing dialogue with the game community. But, they have self-funded the game for the past 18 months and Kickstarter is now the best option to take development to the next level, while remaining independent.

The InSomnia Kickstarter campaign runs until December 25, 2013. At the time of writing they have garnered 166 backers within 7 days, together vouching for $4,063 of their $70,000 goal.