A few weeks back we told you about an awesome new Kickstarter project from Cyan Inc. by the name of Obduction. Well, Obduction’s time on Kickstarter comes to a close this week, and with that in mind we thought it was time to give you an update on the game’s status.
Obduction sprang to life on Kickstarter on October 17 it’s nearing the finish line and inching closer to its goal as I type. Seriously… it got a few grand between the intro and this paragraph. When we covered the game on October 21st they had already raised $485,197 and with less than a week left they are now up to $937,836.

While that’s a boatload of cash, it’s still short of their planned goal of $1.1 million so they could still use your support for the final push. There’s also an awesome stretch goal within reach. If they can manage to hit their goal and make it up to $1.3 million, we’re going to get Oculus Rift support. That’s definitely something to get amped up about as Obduction is the PERFECT kind  of game for the Rift.obduction
Obduction has around 4 days left in its campaign at the time of this writing, and while they should hit their goal, you just never know. As they say, there’s no time like the present, so if you’ve been following Obduction and haven’t pledged yet, now is your chance. If you’re curious about the mysterious adventure game, you can check out our coverage here or head on over to Kickstarter and give the game some love using the link below.

Obduction Kickstarter