Our overall verdict "Good"

Mobile time wasters come in many shapes and forms, from jewel popping games to button mashers. The Activision Decathlon falls into the latter category, and if the name sounds familiar it’s because it’s a remake of the joystick-killing Atari game of the same name. Last week Marmalade Play rolled the reboot out for Android’s, and after spending some time with the game we’re back with a review.Screenshot_2013-11-09-11-09-02
The Activision Decathlon is a game a lot of folks may not remember unless you were alive during the 80s. It was a simplistic Track & Field type of game, and the remake is an updated version of that classic complete with 10 tap-based events that put your finger speed to the test.Screenshot_2013-11-09-11-09-08
The joystick has been replaced by your touchscreen, and while the transition is a tough one to make for some games, it’s works well for The Activision Decathlon. Every event has you tap and swipe your way to the finish line with the ultimate goal of medaling on the podium. Most of the events aren’t terribly difficult, but some are damned tricky… especially when your digits get tired.Screenshot_2013-11-07-18-26-16
You’ll get to take on 10 different events in The Activision Decathlon including the Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Pole Vault, High Jump, 110m Hurdles, and Long Jump. Three races are included as well with the 100m, 400m, and 1500m – none are too difficult, although it does take some finesse in the races as you have to balance your stamina with your speed.
The Activision Decathlon has 3 different modes of play with Decathlon, Training, and Challenge. Decathlon has you take on all 10 events back-to-back, and training is pretty self-explanatory. Challenge Mode brings the games multiplayer into the spotlight as it pits you against others online. Five of the ten events are active, with five more listed as coming soon.
Rounding things out is the dreaded “Shop” section. Here, you’ll be able to buy different gear for your athlete which can amp up his in-game skills. The upgrades are nothing to write home about and pretty expensive in some cases, so not much to see here. You can also buy “Energy” from the shop, and you’ll probably need to do so if you want to play continuously as The Activision Decathlon uses the energy-based setup we all love to hate so much.


Growing up I always loved the button-mashing track & field games, and that’s the one genre that hasn’t been done to death on mobiles… yet. The Activision Decathlon is a solid little game that’s quite a bit of fun to play if you dig sports titles. The only knock on the game is (as usual) with the Shop setup. The energy and gear prices are high compared to what you actually earn from an event, and while you can “buy” coins to get more energy, it’s a paid game. It doesn’t totally kill the game, but it will certainly impede your progress as you try to take home the gold. If you want to give it a shot, you can pick up The Activision Decathlon for $1.99 on Google Play.

The Activision Decathlon