Owlchemy Labs has produced some killer games with titles like Smuggle Truck, Jack Lumber, and Shoot Many Robots just to name a few. Yesterday they turned to Kickstarter to kick off a campaign to fund a survival game by the name of Dyscourse, and it’s unlike a lot of the survival games we’ve covered, there are no zombies or apocalyptic events to contend with.dyscourse.kickstarter-2
Dyscourse is the tale of Rita, a coffee barista that’s just survived a horrific plane crash. While she’s happy to be alive, she’s also stuck on a remote island with a group of tourists which is where the story begins. It’s up to you to survive, and those other passengers can be your ticket to salvation… or a mighty quick death.

The minds at Owlchemy Labs set up Dyscourse so that your decisions truly matter. Other games of this nature have you play through only to find out that your life or death decisions didn’t really matter as much as you thought. That’s not the case in Dyscourse. The game uses dynamic story branching to ensure you’ll have a different experience each time out, and while it’s a story driven game, the interaction system will provide all sorts of cool things like hunting, sneaking, and projectile-based weapons.
Dyscourse’s Kickstarter campaign is only a day old, but they’ve already gotten off to a great start by raising close to $6,000 from over 200 backers. They need to hit $40k to bring the game to market, and while it’s an ambitious game, they’ve got the talent to deliver. Needless to say, if you liked Owlchemy Labs previous games, you’ll definitely want to back this one. Dyscourse is set to be released in September of 2014 on Steam for PC, Linux, and Mac.