Contra is a game that’s always had a soft spot in retro gamers hearts, and Bullet Bros is a new Kickstarter Project that aims to bring a Contra style shooter to the masses, but with a few new twists. Imagine if Contra was set in a physics-based environments with massive vehicles that can be combined into crazy contraptions. Bullet Bros will give gamers all that and a whole lot more…battle bros
Bullet Bros is a project born out of love of games like Contra, Super Mario Bros 3, Bionic Commando, and Blaster Master. Jason Stokes, the game’s creator, wanted to create a game that brought mechanics from all those games together, and that’s how Bullet Bros came into existence. It’s a game about destruction, teamwork, big bad bosses, and massive machines that can rip your enemies to shreds. When you throw all of that into a physics-based environment… well, things get very, very interesting.
bullet bros
“Bro Links” is the way you’ll hook up with your partner in Bro Bros, and it allows you to attach yourself to your Bro as you battle against the bad guys. As mentioned, you’ll also be able to link vehicles together, and the Bros will have access to lots of different utility items as well. Grappling Hooks, Parachutes, Sand Bags, and Grenades have already been implemented, and the developer plans to add more items along the way.

As it stands, Bullet Bros will have local co-op and feature 10 levels with 10 unique bosses. That’s just the beginning of things as the developer has plans to really open things up with a huge world map, mini-games, and game progression in the vein of Mario 3. There was also a mention of Airships, which is never a bad thing… especially in a Sandbox environment.The game needs $80,000 to hit its initial funding goal which will bring Bullet Bros to PC’s with 10 levels, 10 vehicles, 10 bosses, 10 levels songs, and local multiplayer.bullet bros

The stretch goals will add additional content to the game – $90k will add 5 more levels, a new boss and a new song while $100k will bring 5 more vehicles and levels to the game along with the world map. Online co-op comes into play at $120,000 (with more levels), and if Bullet Bros can hit $420,000 we’ll see a 4-player campaign and several different death-match modes.bullet.bros-5

Bullet Bros Kickstarter campaign just got started yesterday, and at the time of this writing they’ve raised $4,811 of their $80,000 goal. The campaign runs through December 6th, and if the game is successfully funded you can expect to see Bullet Bros on PC in November of next year. If you want to find out more about the Bullet Bros or show this little indie game some funding love, just hit up the link below.

Bullet Bros Kickstarter