It’s been awhile since Kairosoft released something new, but that changed last week when they dropped a new time waster by the name of Pocket Harvest. As the title implies, it’s a farming game and it’s one of those games that’s going to suck all of your free time away  while you plant pixely corn and milk cows.


Pocket Harvest puts you to work running a farm where you’ll handle all the day-to-day activities like planting new crops, harvesting goods, tending to animals, and building hot air balloon facilities. If you’re wondering what a hot air balloon facility has to do with a farming simulator, you’ve probably never picked up one of Kairosoft’s quirky little games. Needless to say, it’s not your typical farming sim. While we don’t have a hard count on how many items are in the game, trust us when we say there are more veggies than you can shake a scarecrow at.

If you dig simulation games, and haven’t tried one of Kairosoft’s top-tier titles (Game Dev Story), Pocket Harvest looks like a good one to get. Everyone knows how popular farming games are, and when you combine that with Kairosoft’s pixely style… well, you’re going to have a helluva game. No demo version is available at this time, but you can pick up Pocket Harvest for $4.99 on Google Play. It’s price tag may seem a little high, but you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.


Pocket Harvest