How to explain a game without restrictions? Perhaps its limitless features are best portrayed in its characters of the Underwater Class. These creatures have the ability to change their anatomy and you can shape them in anyway you want. Need long arms? How about adding some tentacles? Have a look at the kind of creatures you can create…


Oceania is a MMORPG created by a development studio called Digital Engine, a team of Russian talent mostly based in Moscow. They describe Oceania as a game based on the vastness of the Ocean. Islands suddenly appear from it, floating in the sky. You can own one of these islands, but even water can become territory that you can posses; work on; or fight for. They already have the bulk of game assets completed which shows in the impressive graphics of their video.

Another feature that underscores the limitless nature of this game is that your character of choice doesn’t belong to a particular class, like most other games. In effect, your character does not develop within certain limits. Instead, you’re able to reach new levels using the skills belonging to various classes. And, like in the real world, classes cooperate. No race issues here.


Furthermore, every object created can be totally unique. Whatever material you use to create an artefact defines its powers. But artefacts have to be created, by craftsmen…

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In The Live World a player is even enabled to introduce entirely new objects, even non-existent in the initial game universe. Think of plants, animals, and other artefacts. But you can also choose to win or find objects. Or buy someone else’s stuff with in-game currency. Or, and here comes another feature that is likely to reassure you don’t have to feel restricted in your gaming assets: with real-life money.


Apart from the numerous possibilities to modify your character and territories, and anything you choose to build on it, the game promises to tickle your strategy skills. You can prove your mastery of battle, hire mercenaries and explore; deploy guild wars; and face opponents with their own tactical skills. Play it right and gain castles or whole towns.


The Oceania Kickstarter campaign is already more than 75% funded. At the time of writing it has 93 backers pledging $38,128 of the $50,000 goal – with ten days to go – deadline November 13, 2013.