As November rolls around it’s time to say goodbye to some Kickstarter projects we’ve been keeping an eye on over the past month. The Vanamo Online Game Museum is a campaign we didn’t have a chance to cover last month, but it’s certainly one of the cooler video game-based projects we’ve come across.

You may not know the name Evan Amos, but you’ve probably seen his pristine photos of video game consoles on some of your favorite websites and all over Wikipedia. The Vanamo Online Game Museum is Amos’s attempt to give the global gaming community an archive of high-resolution images  that covers the consoles of yesteryear along with the high-tech boxes we play on today. video game museum
Nobody likes crappy images, especially journalists and bloggers who need a slick photo for an upcoming piece. Amos feels the same way and began snapping shots of game consoles and gear to replace some of the shoddy photos on Wikipedia. What started as a labor of love grew into an awesome collection of high-res photos covering a slew of consoles, old and new. As you can imagine, taking pics of classic consoles can be tricky and quite expensive. Even got some help from several gaming businesses and collectors in NYC, and last month he turned to Kickstarter to launch The Vanamo Online Game Museum.

The Vanamo Online Game Museum aims to give folks a full catalog of every console and handheld imaginable along with their respective accessories. If you know anything about gaming, you know that’s a tall order to fill. Folks will be able to browse consoles, and all those photos will be available to use free of charge under the Creative Commons License. Amos also plans to have an extensive history added to each device, so it’s more than just a museum full of pretty pictures – you may actually learn something about your favorite console.evan.amos-museum
If you think the project is as cool as we do, you’ll be pleased to know the The Vanamo Online Game Museum has been successfully funded and has raised $14,248 of their planned $8,500 goal.The funds are going to go towards purchasing systems which will allow for more photos including those killer tear-down pics like the one you see below. The campaign is in stretch goal territory at the moment, and has already locked down 1st & 2nd gen consoles, PC Engine/TurboGrafx, Neo Geo, 3D0 and CDi. There are a few more stretch goals within range including non-American consoles and

The Vanamo Online Game Museum is definitely a project worth backing, and all those consoles will be well taken care of by Evan Amos, the International Center for the History of Electronic Games, and the NYU Game Center. The campaign still has a little over a day left, and if you miss the funding window you can still donate hardware directly to the museum.

The Vanamo Online Game Museum Kickstarter