Payday 2 was a hit before it actually hit the PC or consoles as it became profitable from pre-orders alone. It was also plagued by launch day issues which took Overkill a while to sort out, and during that time most of the bug squashing was reserved for Steam gamers. Ps3 and 360 users were left out in the cold, but it looks like that’s about to change as a few days ago Overkill took to the Steam forums to show off the changelog for the massive Payday 2 console update.payday 2

The Payday 2 console update is a big one and it brings several major changes to the table along with a slew of fixes and tweaks. Two of the biggest changes have to be the overhaul of the weapon and stealth system. The new weapons setup will swap out the bars for numeric values and a number of weapons have been buffed and adjusted. The stealth system revamp is going to make sneaking a little more fun as your weapons and skills will play a bigger role when you take a stealthy approach. Those security cameras are going to be a bit trickier to get past as well. Users will also be happy to know that they’ll be getting a new heist with the Diamond Store Job.payday2-3

Some of the other highlights of the Payday 2 console update include adjustments to, Loot Drops, Masks, Skills, and even them jobs themselves. XP has been increased for the harder difficulties to make it more worth your while and the Safe house vault is even getting some love if you have enough cash to notice. Remember being able to reach through walls to grab loot or heal a team member? The update is going to kill that along with several other handy quirks, so if you complained about the game being too easy… well don’t bitch when you get your ass handed to you trying to clear Big Oil on Overkill.payday-2-2

While the Payday 2 console update is being tested internally by Overkill and 505’s QA team along with Sony and Microsoft. There’s no firm date for the update’s rollout, barring any setbacks it should hit consoles soon. If you want to take a look at the full changelog on the Payday 2 console update just hit up the link below.

Payday 2 console changelog