It’s that time of year again.  Once again Slimgamer and friends are teaming up to raise money for charity and participate in Extra Life.  We’re going to raise money by playing videogames for 24 hours and taking donations for the Sick Kids’ Hospital in Toronto.  Last year we raised over $200 (a small part of the over 2 million dollars raised in total) and this year we’d like to beat that record.

Last year we tackled a 24 hour marathon of Borderlands 2 and this year we’re taking on 4 player Diablo III.  We’ll be running a liveblog right here on Slimgamer as we slowly lose our sanity in a caffeine fueled haze, complete with pictures of the event and notes from our intrepid players.  If you’d like to help, there’s two ways to do so.  The first is to donate money here (any amount helps) and the second is to come and join us.  Either join our team or start your own and start raising money for local charities.

November 2nd is the big day.  It’s the same day daylight savings sends our clocks back an hour, meaning we’ll actually be playing Diablo III for 25 hours straight.  It’s going to be fun and we hope you can join us.