Via Neogaf, we have a screenshot showing that gamers playing ona PS3 can see what their PS4 owning friends are up to.  As you can see, this is a screenshot of the PS3 XMB showing a friend playing Killzone: Shadow Fall on the PS4.  While it may have been expected, this is significant because PS3 owners are still unable to see what their friends are doing on their Vitas.  This may be just the kick that some people need to upgrade to the next generation.  Once you see that your friends are enjoying their new PS4s, you’ll be a little more inclined to make the jump yourself.  And if this particular gamer wanted to make their friends jealous, they certainly picked the right game.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you should seriously check out the latest Killzone trailer and the multiplayer gameplay footage.  You’ll see why people are so excited for the PS4.

Source: Neogaf