If you were gaming during the age of the Trapper Keepers and Garbage Pail Kids you’ve probably played or at least heard of Boogerman. No, not the creepy guy with the dirt stache that sat in the back of Art Class. We’re talking about the Sega Genesis classic, Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure.boogerman reboot

Boogerman turned 20 this year and to celebrate his birthday, the original developers decided a Boogerman reboot needed to happen so they headed to Kickstarter to bring Boogerman to a whole new generation. Yup, Snotty Ragsdale is back, and so are his gas powered attacks and chili pepper power-ups. The 20th anniversary edition of Boogerman looks to bring everything you knew and love about the original back, and there’s plenty of gross new content as well including the Snot Whip, and S.s.S.B.D. Fart-copter. The game will be broken down into 6 nasty little worlds, and you’ll get a total of 18 levels, 36 bonus areas, and 6 bosses in the Boogerman reboot.boogerman reboot

The Boogerman reboot is a nice dose of 90s nostalgia, and if you played the original you already have a good idea of what to expect. The Kickstarter campaign kicked off yesterday, and the team is looking to raise $375,000 to make their snotty dream a reality. If they hit their mark you can expect Boogerman to hit Windows, Mac, the Wii U, Ps Vita, and PlayStation 4 in November of next year.

Boogerman 20th Anniversary Kickstarter