All game developers, regardless of location, technology, or notoriety, start somewhere.  While today they might be just starting out, tomorrow they could be releasing the games you love.  In this case, developer Fat Cat Gaming Studios have started their journey to the top by releasing Fat Pratt, a simple arcade game for Android.

The goal is to try and catch food as it falls while avoiding the bad pieces.  There are a few bells as whistles, such as being able to dress up Pratt in different bandannas but for the most part Fat Pratt is simple and to the point.  The game isn’t trying to be something it’s not.  It’s a quick, fun way to pass the time when you need to.


You never know where the next hit is going to come from.  While Fat Pratt may not set the world on fire (it’s been downloaded roughly 500 times as of this writing) their next game very well could.  Supporting indies (especially those who work for free and make games purely out of the love of the craft) makes this a better industry for all of us.  The least you could do is download it (for free, may we add) and help the great developers of tomorrow.

Try it here