Everyone loves a good Retro game, and Fist of Awesome is a pixely title we’ve been keeping up with since it’s Kickstarter days. The project was successfully funded in December of last year, and this morning it finally hit the masses across several different platforms. Ready to punch some bears in the face?
fist of awesomeFist of Awesome is the tale of Tim Burr, a lumberjack with a powerful fist and a knack for time-travelling. The developer compares it to Quantum Leap with bears and lumberjacks, and if that doesn’t get your attention you don’t have a geeky bone in your body. You’ll take Tim on a journey through the ages fighting wildlife and flannel wearing bears that are set on taking you down a notch. That’s what happens when you’re dropped into a world full of disgruntled deer, luckily Tim’s going to get some help from his “Fist of Awesome” which also talks and guides him through the game.
fist of awesomeWhile I haven’t had a chance to spend much time with Fist of Awesome, it’s been a blast so far and it’s about as retro as you can get. 80s references abound, and to say FOA is a humorous game would be an understatement. Good stuff. I Fight Bears Fist of Awesome is a game a lot of folks are going to enjoy and if you dig old school Beat ‘em ups, it’s a game you won’t want to miss. Fist of Awesome is available to download for Android, iOS, OUYA, and Gamestick.

Fist of Awesome for Android

Fist of Awesome on iOS