Earlier this year Digitilus – a Santa Monica, California based indie – proudly placed the green label “Funded with Kickstarter” on an app that would only be a part of their complete gameset, SKYJACKER. The interactive ‘Starship Constructor‘ app is a simulator of starship assembling, basically introducing gamers to the SKYJACKER universe, the ten major alien species and their characteristic starship fleet. Altogether the app has over a hundred ships that you can build and remodel to your hearts’ desire.


Each of the ten alien races all have their unique biological features, social structures, interlocking histories, and star faring technologies – some industrial, some organic, and a few biotech that literally farm their spaceships in deep space.


That was in January. Digitilus released the app to their more than thousand backers. Then ended up receiving lots of interest from several charity organizations for the ‘hand and finger rehabilitation’ capabilities that the Starship Constructor potentially has to offer. Pretty cool.

Now they’re back with a campaign to roll out the full game: SKYJACKER Space Combat Sim

So what is it you do with all these impressive spaceships? The game is a quest to conquer the final frontier: Space. ‘The player is a lone human being in a galaxy of conflict – abducted by aliens, raised by pirates, wanted by privateers and mercenaries alike.’ Single- or multiplay with the free roaming space combat simulator where you, as a space pirate, will immerse into intense co-op action through instant scenarios and story campaigns.



One of the highlights of this game is the endless efforts Digitilus is making to break all in-game objects into their component parts, not only the spaceship modules but also environment details such as asteroids, solar panels, star-docks and shipyard constructions. As part of their current campaign they also promise to present you with a Mission Constructor toolset which holds everything you need to create your own missions, without writing a single line of code.

Their future goals include even more custom features, and in-depth play. For a glimpse of the graphics and impressive music score by Krzysztof Wierzynkiewic, do have a look at the video below.

SKYJACKER Kickstarter campaign runs until November 22, 2013. At time of press it has reached $16,548 of the $150,000 goal.


SKYJACKER Space Combat Sim -- Kicktraq Mini