There are all kinds of simulation games out there from space sims like Star Command to sports sims like Basketball Dynasty Manager 2013. Sim Hero is a new Kickstarter project from Matthew C. Plourde that aims to bring an RPG simulator of sorts to the table. Interested?

Sim Hero is an idea that sprang to life from the developers love of sims, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as King. Feeling that My Life as a King missed the mark in a few areas, Matthew decided to take matters into his own hands and Sim Hero was born.sim hero

The game allows you to put together teams of adventurers and send them out to battle and explore, but there’s a catch. You won’t get to watch the battles, but you will get to pour over the results and manage your team. Did we mention branching character classes and the upgradeable castle? Sim Hero has that and a whole lot more.sim hero

Over the past few weeks,  we’ve covered games asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars – Sim Hero isn’t one of them. Matthew has a goal of $970 set and even has a playable demo you can download to let you actually see what you’ll be funding ahead of time. Nicely done. If you’re interesting in showing Sim Hero some love, or want to check out the demo you can hit up Hero’s Kickstarter page at the link below.

Sim Hero Kickstarter