If you were a fan of fish-based platform games in the 90s, you probably played James Pond or its sequels. The folks at Gameware Europe tried to resurrect James Pond via Kickstarter last month, and we’re very unhappy to report that the campaign was cancelled a few days ago when the team decided they weren’t going to hit the mark.

The James Pond Kickstarter fired up on September 20 with a goal of £100,000, and managed to snag 336 backers, but only raised £16,000. The folks behind the campaign decided to pull the plug for several different reasons, and told backers…

Although we have 12 days to go it’s clear that we aren’t going to make our £100,000 goal, so instead of pretending otherwise and continuing the updates we’ve decided to be honest with ourselves and with you and stop.

The team went on to say that they realized they didn’t have enough of the game to show, and will be back with a stronger campaign. They plan on keeping folks updated on James Pond through social media and are looking for feedback as to what should be included in the next drive to bring the game back.

James Pond isn’t the first Kickstarter campaign to be cancelled, and while it’s a little unusual to pull the plug halfway through, it’s certainly not unheard of. It’s obvious the minds behind James Pond’s comeback want to make it happen, and whether it was bad timing or a lack of footage, we hope to see the Underwater Agent again.