Iceberg Interactive announced this week that their combat racer Gas Guzzlers Extreme is now available on Steam. Developed under the hood by indie studio Gamepires, Gas Guzzlers Extreme takes advantage of gamers’ addictive nature as well as Steam integration and multiplayer modes. The game boasts over 350 miles of pavement across 40 tracks, with eight intense combat arenas, life-like car physics, beautiful visuals, and endless amounts of fun.

“The Gamepires team is very proud of what we have achieved with Gas Guzzlers Extreme regarding technology and gameplay,” says, Andrej Levenski, Technical Editor at Gamepires. “We hope the standard that we have set with Gas Guzzlers Extreme in terms of graphics, physics and gameplay will become the new benchmark for any future car combat title.”

“Gamers have been waiting for this one and we’re delighted to oblige,” says, Iceberg CEO Erik Schreuder. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some vehicles to destroy.”

The title includes a bunch of available cars, ranging from super-minis to tanks, with gamers starting with a low performance vehicle but able to quickly upgrade into higher caliber rides. The single player campaign features upwards of 12 hours of gameplay, while the multiplayer mode includes several different modes to suit your preferred style. Instant play gets matches going quickly, and AI Bots will fill in while you’re waiting for human opponents to join up.

This isn’t just another racer, as it promises to have personality and humor to prevent the staleness that other racers suffer from. Steam Achievements, Cloud Saves, Big Picture support, and Trading Cards also come standard with purchase. Alright, enough with the sales pitch and bullet points, here’s the gameplay trailer (below) that will surely eliminate any doubts you have about getting this title.