The first game I covered for Slimgamer was a Kickstarter project by the name of River City Ransom: Underground. It’s a follow-up to the classic NES game River City Ransom, and with less than two days remaining in the campaign, we’re pleased to announce that Conatus Creative has hit their goal.river city ransom undergroundWhen we last checked in on River City Ransom: Underground the campaign was less than a week old, and had only already raise around $50k. At the time of this writing, there are 40 hours left and they have surpassed their goal of $180,000 CAD and are creeping close to $200,000. The game has also seen a few important updates since it’s campaign began, including the addition of Abobo from Double Dragon. Abobo will now play a part in River City Ransom: Underground, and the team is keeping how he’ll be featured a tightly guarded secret.
river city ransom undergroundAnother new addition that backers will want to take notice of are physical rewards. Several different physical add-ons have been added to the campaign including T-shirts, Posters, Soundtracks, and even a Physical copy of the game for Windows complete with a label and jacket. Adding any of the goods to your pledge is simple as well. Whether you’ve already backed the game or are a newcomer, you can find instructions on River City Ransom: Underground’s Kickstarter Page.
river city ransom undergroundWhile hitting the goal of $180k ensures River City Ransom: Underground will see the light of day, there is still a little bit of time left and some nice stretch goals to shoot for including Mac & Linux support at $205,000 and PS4/Vita at $280,000. If you still want to pledge your support or want one of the cool physical add-ons just hit up the link  below to head on over to River City Ransom: Underground‘s Kickstarter.

River City Ransom: Underground