In the 90s,  I was a self-proclaimed “King of Madden” and spent countless hours gaming out to the old Madden games to hone my skills. When a little game called Mutant League Football came along I was hooked,  as what kid doesn’t want to put together a football team full of monsters? It was a game full of toxic waste, brutish players, and bribes. It also spawned Mutant League Hockey and a cartoon called the Mutant League that some of us still vaguely remember.

You can imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a Kickstarter for Mutant Football League which was started by the original creator, Michael Mendheim. Yup, there’s a modern version of Mutant League Football in the works and the game needs your help if it wants to make a comeback in the modern ages.
mutant football league
The Mutant Football League Kickstarter campaign looks to bring those old monsters we grew up with to a new audience, and while some things have changed, there are all kinds of cool new additions this time around. You’ll be able to suit up with the team of your choosing and play exhibition games, or go with Season Story Mode aka Franchise if you really want to  put your team to the test.

If you dig customization, Mutant Football League has you covered. You can create your own treacherous team, pick the players, adjust stats, and even choose your own colors and logo. Creating a cool team would be pointless if there aren’t some gnarly creatures to fill its roster, and Mutant Football League will have plenty of those with races like the Mutants, Enforcers, Undead, and Battlebots just to name a few. There will be around 30 teams to choose from that are split between two conferences, so there will be plenty of choices on the table in terms of teams. Did we mention there will be online multiplayer?mutant football league
As in the original game, Mutant Football League plays by its own rules. If you lose to many players to injury, decapitation, missing limbs, etc… you may have to forfeit the game. You can win through scoring more points than your opponent, or you can just destroy them on the field for a win – you won’t see that happen in Madden. The playing field is just as hazardous as your opponents, so you’ll need to keep a constant eye on the field or risk running into a land mine or barbwire. Dirty Trick Plays are another thing to watch unless you want to watch your star player turn into a rotting corpse on the field after he’s been taken out by a trick play. There’s definitely more than one way to win in the Mutant Football League.Mutant.Football.League-2

The Mutant Football League started its Kickstarter on September 16, and there are just 10 days left to go. Unfortunately, they’ve only raised $104,845 of their $750,000 goal, so they are in need of some help to hit the mark. They have some awesome perks for backers including personalized swag, trading cards, exclusive animations, and even a trip to see the Chicago Bears play.  They have an All-Star team in place to make this thing happen, now they just need your help and

Mutant Football League is going to need a minor miracle to make things happen this late in the game, but stranger things have happened in the wild world of Kickstarter. At first I had a hard time wrapping my head around why the game hasn’t hit its mark… then I looked at what it went up against this month. Tough month to get funding when you’re going up against Mighty No.9, Shantae, and Hyper Light Drifter.

Whether the game gets a Hail Mary in the last minutes or doesn’t cross the goal line, you can still show your support if you’re a fan and want to make Mutant Football League happen. If Mutant Football League hits the mark, you can expect the mobile version to pop up next year, with the PC, Xbox 360 Live, and PSN version to come in 2015.

Mutant Football League Kickstarter

Michael Mendheim