An ambitious group of A-class talent have come together to make a JRPG that would seemingly make the genre proud. Here are just a few examples of the amazing talent involved in the project –composer Nobuo Uematsu (revered composer for the Final Fantasy series), art director Kiyoshi Arai (involved in several Final Fantasy projects), and Hiroaki Yura (worked on titles such as Diablo 3 and Valkyria Chronicles).

The game Project Phoenix which is being developed by the new collaborative studio Creative Intelligence Arts, showed up in Kickstarter little over a month ago hoping to raise a sum of about $100,000. Now at the end of the Kickstarted campaign they have pulled in an astonishing (and much deserved) $1075,000!

Thanks to this they have met several of their stretch goals and the game which was supposed to be only coming out for PC, Mac, and Linux, will also be making its way to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. In addition, Android and iOS will also be receiving separate versions of the game.

So you are probably wondering what Project Phoenix is really about. The way it has been described, it is a fantasy RTS infused with a JRPG design. Although currently there are no gameplay videos, a recent video (link below) highlights how the squad-based, tactical combat might play out. There are a number of different classes involved, and the terrain (thus unit positioning) seems to play a major role in combat.

Video – Terrain and Squad Based Combat Illustration


Video – Basic Gameplay and Movement Illustration

I strongly urge you guys to check out their official Kickstarter page to get a detailed idea about the game. They have provided the total list of their team members, lots of sample music, tons of art illustrations (which look beautiful), character details, story, and more. You can also see what goals they have been able to reach for now.

Yes, you read it, for now. Even though the Kickstarter campaign is over, they are still accepting donations through PayPal and will continue to do so till June 2014! So if you missed out, this is your chance! Project Phoenix has been currently set for release somewhere around in 2015. This game sure has the making of greatness in it and we will be following it throughout its development. So make sure to keep an eye out while we provide you with the latest and greatest news revolving Project Phoenix.