Now here’s a surprise from the left side: the PC trivia game that set the standard for trivia comedy is going back to its roots even as it also hits consoles.

THQ has revealed another version of the box art for the upcoming You Don’t Know Jack revival that indicates the irreverent trivia-fest known for its snarky, whip-like humor is now headed to PCs as well. This means that you’ll be screwing your opponents, mastering the multiple choice shorties, matching up with the Dis or Dat and Jack Attack, and other crazy question types — including the new wrong question of the day bonus — on whatever platform you wish, console or otherwise.


No further details about the PC version were available at the time of this writing, but could we at least expect a similar collection of fan-favorite question types and use of the established buzzer key layout from prior releases on our PCs? Now that would be a cinch for existing fans of the comedic trivia series.