How many of you are familiar with SavyGamer, the UK game deals website?  Well, they’re now launching into new territory by introducing the SavyGamer Bundle – featuring 5 great indie games for $10, or more if you so desire.  Take a look at their introduction:

Introducing the SavyGamer Bundle! SavyGamer and Gameolith have teamed up to bring you 5 fantastic indie games for $10.00!

5 brilliant indie games. Featuring the face-meltingly colourful arena shooter Death Ray Manta, the underwater papercraft chomp-’em-up Derrick the Deathfin, the super techie turn-based tactics game Frozen Synapse, the dark and brooding adventure Richard & Alice and the mind-bending puzzler SpaceChem.

Cross platform gaming. Richard & Alice is for Windows, Derrick The Deathfin is for Windows & Mac, DRM is for Windows, Mac & Android, and SpaceChem & Frozen Synapse register on Steam and are for Windows, Mac & Linux!

Mega cheap. Pay just  for these five awesome games!

Limited time only! This bundle is only available until October the 7th. Don’t miss out!

All 5 games are great and you can’t beat the price.  Click here to get it.