If you love comics, video games, or general geekery you’ve no doubt heard of Comic-Con. Comic ConQuest is a new Kickstarter project from the folks at Sleepy Giant, and if you dig RPG’s and Comic Books it’s a game you’ll definitely want to check out.
comic conquest
Comic ConQuest is a party-based tactical RPG set at Comic-Con where you’ll control a team of fanboys that have been magically transformed into the heroes they Cosplay as.  A villain known as “The Hoarder” is behind the chaos, and you’ll have to fight your way through the Con using your brawn as well as your brain to set things right. It may be a tactical-based fighter, but there is also going to be in-game trivia based on the comic culture. Did we mention that the NPC’s will be real-life Cosplayers like Alexandria the Red as The Red Archer and Amie Lynn as Sliver Scythe?
That’s just the tip of the iceberg as Comic ConQuest is loaded will cool features. Customization is a major component of the game as you’ll be able to upgrade your homemade gear for better weapons and armor as you battle through the halls of Comic-Con. You’ll also get to use your Comic-Con booth as your headquarters and will be able to take on missions and outfit your team with the best heroes around  including your friends or random players. Needless to say, they’ll be plenty of loot drops, gear, and rare items to collect as you fight your way through the wild world of Comic ConQuest.

The Comic ConQuest Kickstarter project has an abundance of talent behind it including Jeff Matsuda, a name any comic book fan should know. The rest of the team consists of Joel Carlson, Daniel Witenberg, Brian Johnson, Mike Ryan, and Free Lunch Design. Collectively the team has worked on games like God of War, Fallout 3, SOCOM, and FIFA Street while working with major companies like Sony, HBO, Rovio, and LEGO. Comic ConQuest definitely has the talent to make things happen, and the game looks awesome as you can see from the screens. Even Lou Ferrigno agrees…

comic conquest ferrigno
Another interesting aspect of Comic ConQuest is the price as they’re not asking for a million bucks to make things happen. Their Kickstarter goal is only $20,000 while their stretch goals are low and well worth hitting. Starting out you’ll be able to create a hero from one of three different groups with Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Comic Book. If they hit $50,000 they’ll add a Horror group and gear, and at $80,000 they’ll add an Anime group with all the bells & whistles. If they can raise $150,000, get ready for a level creation system. All the goals are very reasonable, and after looking at the artwork you can only imagine how slick the Horror & Anime characters will be.


The backing tiers run from $1 to $2,500, and the rewards range from in-game goods to art books and dinner with the Comic ConQuest team in Newport Beach, California. The game is expected to be out in early 2014 and will be available on iOS, Android, and the PC. Comic ConQuest will be a free-to-play game, and the team plans to keep things fresh with new levels, gear, and content added each month. If you have even a little geeky blood coursing through your veins, Comic ConQuest is a game you’re going to want to back, and you can hit up the link below to do just that.

Comic ConQuest Kickstarter